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Angie's Domestic Duties is a professional cleaning business based in Toowoomba. We believe that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance so when it comes to cleaning your home or business we are committed to meeting your specific requirements.

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Waste Handling

Waste from a household where someone has been in isolation following infection with COVID-19 or in quarantine is not regulated as medical waste under the Queensland Environmental Protection Waste Management Regulation 2000.


However, it is still important that waste from these places is handled with caution before throwing it away.

COVID Cleans


We use a product that cleans and disinfects at the same time. Our cleaning products are a hospital-grade TGA-listed disinfectant that has specific claims against COVID-19 and is suitable if used according to manufacturer’s instructions.


Disinfectant solutions are made fresh daily and gloves are worn when handling and preparing solutions.


All Cleaning equipment, including mop heads and cloths, are laundered in hot water and completely dried before reuse.


Cleaning buckets are emptied and cleaned with a new batch of cleaning and/or disinfectant solution and allowed to dry completely.



Personal Protection

The purpose of PPE is to minimise direct contact with surfaces and to protect the eyes, nose and mouth from splashing and dust generated while cleaning as well as from any chemicals used in the cleaning process.


Our Cleaners Wear 

Face Mask

Plastic Face Cover

Single Use Gloves

Disposable Plastic Apron



The virus that causes COVID-19 is spread by respiratory droplets generated when people with COVID-19 infection cough and sneeze. The droplets can lead to infection in people who are in close contact. The droplets can also contaminate surfaces, where other people can pick the virus up. The COVID-19 virus can live for several days on some surfaces, such as stainless steel and plastic, under certain conditions. Sunlight, humidity, and temperature can influence how long the virus survives in the environment. The virus can easily be destroyed through cleaning with a neutral detergent and a disinfectant.

COVID 19 Cleans

Covid 19 cleans
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